Decorated ukuleles!

On Thursday we will become roaming minstrels, carrying our ukuleles, music and lunch down the road to College St School to play in the Central Ukulele Festival!

The day includes a ‘decorated ukulele’ competition. We have been making and decorating ours on card and they look stunning!

Here are some of them:


7 thoughts on “Decorated ukuleles!

  1. hey, everybody did really well on there ukuleles they look really spectacular I hope someone comes somewhere in the compition!!!!! :) :) :) :)

  2. Hey guys the ukuleles look great so does the blog. Thanks to sporty six i feel so comfy at school now. thanks so much. i love what you have done THANK YOU MRS HOSKINS.
    guys it looks great!

  3. The ukuleles looked so cool to bad none of us one : ( They still looked great though!

  4. The ukuleles look wonderful!!!!!!!!!!
    Mine is the one in the middle.
    Do you like it????

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