Weeeee recycle we don’t just throw it awaaaaaaaay

sun shade curtains


We had a problem: Sun streaming into class and no blinds.
We were wondering how we could do the 3 big R’s …

Mr Duckworth gave us a boys v. girls competition to see who could get the most bottle caps, coke bottle tops, milk bottle tops and other coloured and shaped bottle tops.

And the BOYS won!!!

Using nylon we choose different coloured bottle tops to put a hole in each side. We used a pin for this. Then you thread your long piece of nylon through and tie a knot each time. It was tricky as you had to have the holes exactly straight but was fun and interesting.

You can see them hanging up in our class to help shade the sun.
Not only does it work, it looks really colourful.







Have you seen our calendar art???



We are lucky enough to have Mrs B for this week.
She helped us design our calendar art this year.

First we took a photo of everyone holding a piece of blank white paper against our face, it had to cover our nose, mouth and chin. Once these were printed off in black and white we used pencils sketch in our hidden facial features. Then we shaded them in and began work on the bakground. The backgrounds represent the things that we like in life.


Here is Sarah’s! I took us a few days to complete, but they are totally worth it.

Our calendars are for sale. They will make cool Christmas presents for family.

class claender


You can check out our whole classes faces in Snazzy Six

Football Festival



tom soccer

Meet Tom! He is our Soccer Super Star.


Sandra from Central Soccer came to teach the Kakapo Team all about Soccer skills.

We had a Football Festival this afternoon to celebrate our last session. We split up into 8 teams and had bibs or no bibs. We all got to play each other, it was fast and fun.


The funniest part was when Chenuka lost his shoe!! The best part was that we all got on and played fairly. We learnt the following skills:


  • dribble (the soccer kind!)
  • passing
  • kicking
  • throwing in
  • goal keeping
  • goal scoring
  • fair play
  • rules of soccer

    There is a Holiday Program being run at PNINS for those that are interested please hop down to Room 8 and see Miss McIvor.



Class Composting

During Weeks 6-7 we had Sandra from Zero Waste Education come and teach us about composting. During her sessions we learned about the different types of worms, what can and cannot go in our compost bin and how it can help the plants in our garden.We also brought in a 2L milk carton and made our own mini compost bin.
To make your own you need a milk carton, knife, a few tiger worms, compost, food scraps, newspaper, a bit of water.
1) Cut the top off the milk bottle using a knife so you can add things easily to the top.
2) Add two fingers worth of compost
3) Add two fingers worth of food scraps
4) Add a couple of tiger worms
5) Add some strips of newspaper on top
6) Add a few caps filled with water.
7) Give it a gentle stir and leave somewhere dark and damp.

Here are some pics of the day:

Photo 5-09-13 9 08 51 AM Photo 5-09-13 9 08 22 AM Photo 5-09-13 9 04 07 AM




Kakapo Team have started skipping for our Thursday Afternoon Sport. We are learning to do a whole lot of short and long rope activities. We are building up towards our Jump Rope for Heart Day which is around the end of the Term 3.

IMG_9771 IMG_9760IMG_9768

Flower power

Our flower paintings are looking good on the wall!


This afternoon we learnt some weaving skills!

Final badminton

Here are some photos from our last badminton lesson: